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“Brainie Cereal grain mixed with DHA and carrot with corn essence. Essential ingredients: Cereal flake, DHA powder and carrot powder. Indications: Delicious, easy to consume and very suitable for children with the value from cereal, DHA and carrot. Dosage: Whenever desire Contained: 100 tablets The food that a child eats can have a direct effect on the child growth and Intelligence Quotient or IQ development. IQ is the measured unit uses to analyze the expert abilities such as ability to memorize, literate and make a calculation. However, IQ test cannot be used to measure other aspects such as innovation or other potentials. IQ is measured by comparing the maturity of a brain to a person actual age. The result of the IQ in a normal person is around 90-110. There are three factors that have effects to the Children’s IQ. They are called 3 N. 1. Nature: the succession of genetic. If the parents are smart, there is a higher chance that their child would be smart as well. 2. Nurture: The way the child is raised. The environment and influences around a child can have an effect on the development on the child intelligence. 3. Nutrition: Diet or nutrient that a child takes. The food that have an effect on the development and function of a brain is called Neuronutrients. Protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamin and other minerals from fruit and vegetables are an example of Neuronutrients. Some of the interesting Neuronutrients, which has an impact on a child development. ” 1. Protein-Protein is vital to the process of every cell, , including brain cell, development and maintenance. Protein is made up of a string of small compound called amino acid. When we eat protein, our body would digest protein and turn it into amino acid, which can be absorbed by cells. Meat, milk, eggs and some kinds of vegetable such as soyabean are the sources of protein. 2. Fat-Most part of our brain is made up of fat. The fat is formed by fatty acids. DHA acid (Docosahexaenoic acid) is one of the fatty acids that is vital in the development of brain. DHA can be found in fish oil. Presently, people are paying more attention on DHA . 3. Carbohydrate- Carbohydrate would be digested in our body and turned into a small unit called glucose. / Glucose is the source of energy to brain and other nerve cells. Our body would use this energy to send bioelectric to the nerve system and recover the deteriorated area. Flour and sugar are the rich source of glucose. Moreover, other than neuronutrients, a child needs vitamins, minerals and fiber. These nutrients are found in fruit and vegetable. However, a child would tend to avoid eating these useful and healthy nutrients because of their unattractive taste. These nutrients are -Fiber: Fiber helps in the Urogenital system. When the body lacks of fiber, it would suffer bound belly. Prolong bound belly is not good for health. -Beta-carotene, which is an effective anti oxidant, is found in carrot. Beta-Carotene would turn into Vitamin A when the body is in short of the vitamin. Moreover, it can help to prevent the sicknesses that are caused by insufficient vitamin A such as Night blindness, slow growth and having a dry skin.



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