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“GIFFARINE COLLAGENAA Cereal grains mixed with corn essence collagen. Essential ingredients : Cereal flake , Collagen Indication : Delicious, easy to consume, high value from cereal and addition collagen to the body. Dosage : Whenever desire Interesting facts about Collagen Collagen is the protein lying underneath dermis level. It’s the important factor for healthy skin. Our skins are normally divided in 3 levels as the following ” 1. Epidermis is the outmost level consisting of Keratinocyte cell which creates keratin to cover the skin and becomes scurf. Epidermis works to preserve moisture, protect the body from germs as well as to keep the constant temperature for the body. 2. Dermis is the inside level consisting of many types of fiber which are collagen fiber, elastic fiber protein and recticulum fibers protein crossing each other. This level also includes muscles, blood vessel and nerve. 3. Subcutis support other skin level to maintain body figure, reduce the bumping force from the outside as well as being the emergency source of energy for the body. Skin can be declined from 2 main reasons, age and environment. Both reasons can affect the skin and cause wrinkles, shadow area and unhealthy skin because collagens, the protein fibers crossing each other underneath the dermis level, are declined. Collagen comes from the Greek word “ kalla” which means collagen glue. It is the protein fiber crossing each other underneath the dermis level helps to tighten the skin and make it soft and smooth. Collagen works dually with Elastin. While collagen works as skin frame. Elastin gives flexibility to the skin. In the young age, there are still many good collagens. Therefore, we can see that teenagers always have tight skin. However, when they are getting old the collagens will decline and reduce making the skin level to collapse which is the important cause of wrinkles. Fortunately we can reinforce collagen to the body to reduce those wrinkles by eating or injecting collagen to the level underneath the dermis. But normally, injecting is complicate and required professional care. Therefore, eating is the most convenience.



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