It is traditionally used to help the body to increase strength and endurance, to improve lung and Kidney functions, phlegm reduction, cough suppressant and promote blood circulation. Also being very helpful with male and female vitality. Cordyceps sinensis, one of the most valued Chinese medicinal herbs is found naturally in the highlands of China, Tibet and Nepal. Cordyceps contains various nutrient and active ingredients, which include cordycepic acid, cordycepin, amino acids glutamic acid, polysacacharides, vitamin B12 among others. Benefits of Cordyceps: Strengthen the immune system, increase energy & enhance stamina. Build muscles and improve physical performance. Promote also good blood circulations in the body. Provide an anti-aging and fatigue reducing effects. Improving respiratory function reducing phlegm and cough. Improving sexual function in men and increasing libido by stimulating the production of sex hormones. Improving liver, kidneys & act as an Anti-tumor effect. (60 Capsules)

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