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“Evening Primerose Oil or EPO is made from Oenothera Bennis seeds in Europe which are filled with essential Fatty Acids namely : – Linoleic Acid – Gamma Linoleic Acid or GLA These acids are crucial to the maintenance of basic physiological processes but cannot be produced by the human body. EPO is an important source of the acids. ” (50 Capsules)

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Benefits are :

1. Alleviate gastric and chest pain during pre-menstrual period

2. Alleviate inflammation and Rumatoid Arthritis pain.

3. Heal dry and inflamed skin and Eczema

4. Decelerate symptoms of deterioration and inflammation of the nervous system with prescribed dosage of EPO, the body receives adequate GLA so your skin is healthy, smooth, full of vitality. No sign of dryness or lines.Evening Primerose Oil makes your skin soft, smooth and moisturized. GLA in Evening Primerose Oil is essential to skin health as it contributes to the development of cells, preventing it from dehydration. GLA is also the source for Prostagladin E or many benefits such as preventing inflammation, relieving Rheumatoid systems and stimulating blood circulation to the skin. So your skin is healthy and beautiful.

Various studies show that EPO can relieve the symptoms of the following diseases :

1. Eczema – relief of itching , better skin

2. Mastalgia – Relief of pain in breast

3. Premenstrual Syndrome – relief of breast pain and excessive water in the body, improving psychological conditions.

4. Rheumatoid Arthritis – relief of pain thus reducing dosage of non steroidal anti- inflammatory drugs (NSAID)

5. Essential Fatty Acid Deficiency – Linoleic in EPO is an Omega 6 acid, an important nutrient for the skin.

Recommended dosage In adults weighing about 50 kg, take 2000mg. after meals. Tablets can be taken after several meals or together after a particular meal. For smaller build, reduce dosage. 1 Capsule – 1000mg Caution: Not recommended for those with blood disease such as anemia, asthma and schizophrenia.



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