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L-Glutathione modifies conversion of dark pigmentation (called Eumalamin) into lighter pigmentations (called Pheomelanin). Moreover, it plays role as Master Antioxidant, Detoxifier and Immune-Booster. Activite has been formulated to promote better health as anti-aging and anti-oxidant by using L-Glutathione together with L-Cystein, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Niacinamide. L-Cystein is an amino acid and helps promote the level of Glutathione in our body while Alphalipoic acid is an effective antioxidant. Niacinamide helps promote to have a healthy skin.

(30 Capsules)

Dosage :Take 1-2 capsule(s) a day with regular meal.

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ActiVite contains L-Glutathione with L-Cysteine, Alpha-Lipoic Acid and Niacinamide. In summary, the above mentioned nutrients are all vital for naturally beautiful skin. Together with the consumption of nutritious food, adequate rest, regular exercise and avoidance of external hazardous stimuli (pollution, ultraviolet light and smoke), you will easily have a youthful, healthy and beautiful skin.



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