“Fiberine Fiber tablets made from vegetable and multigrain fiber which the body cannot digest, providing no energy but are essential to our health. Consisting both water-soluble and non water-soluble fibers to help supplement the amount of fiber needed and is a great way to lose your weight. Simply take these tablets before a meal and you will eat less and there is no harm to your body.(100 Tablets)

” How are water-soluble and non water-soluble fibers different?

Water – soluble fiber
When exposed to water, it will expand and prevent absorption of sugar and fat so the level of cholesterol and blood sugar is kelp to a minimum and prevents hemorrhoid.

Non water-soluble fiber
Absorbs water so it helps with digestion and bowel. Toxins caused by bacterial activities can also be reduced.

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1. Can be used in weight control program
2. Reduce blood sugar and cholesterol. Suitable for patients with high blood pressure and Diabetes.
3. Regulate bowel. Suitable for those with hemorrhoid, hear disease, intestinal complications and pregnant women.
4. Prevents colon cancer as fiber helps with digestion so the colon is less exposed to substances that can cause cancer.

2-4 tablets with 1-2 glasses of water, 15-20 minutes before a meal, 3 times a day. Recommended fiber intake/day = 25 g.