Fish Oil


Fish oil offers tremendous benefits to your health. It effectively reduces cholesterol and triglyceride in blood, preventing heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes. How is fish oil different from fish liver oil ? People have always known fish liver oil as a health supplement with vitamins A and D. It is extracted from sea fish such as Cods. But fish oil is obtained from the head and the meat rich in Essential Fatty Acid called OMEGA 3 which the human body cannot produce on its own.

What does fish oil consists ? Fish oil is rich in OMEGA 3. Within this type, there are 2 essential acids 1. Docosahexaenoic Acid or DHA 2. Eicosapentaenoic Acid or EPA ” .

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How does fish oil heal swelling caused by rumatoid arthritis ? DHA/EPA allows down production of Prosta Glandin of the type Leukotrienes which is a pro-inflammatory mediator. Based on the findings of Tulleken and his research team, joint swelling index and duration of morning stiffness in rumatoid arthritis patients decrease when they consume 12g./day of fish oil. Fish oil can therefore be used as a supplement to medicine for these symptoms. How does Fish Oil alleviate coronary heart diseases ? Fish oil reduces clotting and helps regulate blood circulation. It has been found that fish oil can prevent the occurrence of the disease and blood clotting. How does DHA in fish oil nourish the brain ? In the past several years, studies in Japan have indicated that DHA in fish oil helps brain development by stimulating brain activities and growth of dendrite nerve cells. These cells transmit signals between brain cells. This is why fish is a highly recommended diet. How does fish oil reduce fat in blood ? Studies have revealed that fish oil can reduce triglyceride in blood by 19-24% but not cholesterol. It is believed that DHA/EPA can reduce triglyceride by halting activities of liver enzymes called Acyltransferaces and Phosphatidate. Fish oil also increases High Density Lipoprotein which helps return cholesterol in the blood and the walls of blood vessels to the liver and changed it into gall before flushing it out of the body.

Recommended dosage In adults weighing about 50kg, take 2000mg, After meals. Capsule can be taken after several meals.1 capsule – 1000mg Caution: Not recommended for those with blood diseases such as anemia, hemorrhagic anemia and acute diabetes affecting the eyes.



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