Gano Massage Oil


  • 75 ml
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DXN Gano Massage Oil is made with Palm Oil and Ganoderma Extract suitable for every massage need. It is all-natural and rich in antioxidant. Best for all skin types and ages. Use it as a revolutionary way to perk up your massage. It is suitable for daily use to provide smooth and healthy skin.

Benefits of DXN Gano Massage Oil :
– Revitalize the muscles.
– Relieve pains, cramps and stress.
– Reduce Joint-pains and Lubricate Joints.
– Help to treat skin problems and nourish overall skin.
– Nourish hair roots and scalp. It can also help for hair growth.
– Very good for Migraine Patients who suffer from bad headache.
– Good for athletic and many other uses.




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