Giffarine Water Filter


Giffarine Safe Plus Alkaline Water Filter bring nature back into your life. Our body needs at least 2 litres of water per day to maintain the body system in good condition, thus it is very important to drink what is best for our health. Giffarine Alkaline drinking water contains elements like Calcium – for bones & teeth, Magnesium – Reduce cholesterol & relax muscles, Potassium – Control pH balance , Serenium – An anti-oxidant property which slows down ageing & prevents cancer, Chromium – Help insulin to control sugar level, Litium – Dissolve Uric Acid & relieves Joint pains, Phosphorus, Iodine and Iron.

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Consisting of

(1) Empowerment Set Upperpart : Mineral Stone, Ceramic Ball & Alkaline Mineral Stone

(2) 5 layers of water filter lowerpart : Fiber Filter, Alkaline Mineral stone, KDF 55 Layer, Granular Activated Carbon GAC (U.S Food Chemical Codex Standard), Silver Impregnated Activated Carbon (U.S Food Chemical Codex Standard)

(3) High Magnetic System. Life time : 5000 water litres , Healthy Water for Healthy Family.