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Why is spirulina so good for you ? Spirulina has been called “green gold”€™ and the “super food” of the 90€™S and is really a true miracle of nature giving what we need for a long and healthy life. Spirulina contains more of these vital nutrients than many other natural sources. Who need Spirulina ? Everybody who needs a natural source of vitamins and minerals. As it is natural, the element have a very high bioavailability for maximum absorption, assimilation and utilization. For busy, active people, spirulina is a natural, organic supplement of essentials nutrients important for good health and well-being in today’s stressful life & polluted environment.

1. Weight Control——- Because spirulina is a rich nutrient source with virtually no calorie and yet still boosts energy. It is often used by people on weight loss program. Spirulina contain high levels of two special amino acids Phenylalanine and tyrosine (derived from phenylalanine) act to suppress hunger, making it easier to maintain a weight reducing diet. The special amino acids in spirulina signal the body that it is getting the nutrients it needs, thus keeping appetite under control.

2. Diabetes———– Spirulina help maintain blood glucose levels, and reduced food cravings,thus permitting weight loss.

3. Anaemia———– Rich in chlorophyll, Vitamin B12, Iron, Folic acid, Vitamin and proteins. Spirulina has exerted positive effects on blood cell volume and oxygen-carrying capacity within 30 days. Many anemia’s are due to deficiencies of these nutrients, which are all present in spirulina.

4. Ageing———- Spirulina contains vitamin E, C and Betacarotene, three of nature’s most powerful free radical scavengers which help to slow the ageing process.


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