UC-II (Collagen Type-II) with Vitamin C


Giffarine UC-II to prevent Osteoarthritis, Joint pain & knee pain

Collagen Type-Two is the main ingredient while the skin is collagen type-one. However, collagen does not last forever, but will decrease with age Especially when reaching the age of 30, the erection rate decreases by 1.5% every year and occurs more in women than men. The flexibility and strength of various organ structures. of the body is reduced As a result, there are problems with degenerative joints and joint pain. In the skin, there will be wrinkles, wrinkles, dry skin.

As dietary supplement, take 1-2 capsules daily, after meal.  (30 Capsules)

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At present, there is a technology for extracting collagen Type-Two. From chicken breast cartilage (Chicken Sternum Cartilage) with a special process Resulting in collagen called Undenatured Collagen Type-II, which is an important part of this type of collagen is epitopes. It is like a key to stop the destruction of articular cartilage. The use of Unde Nature Collagen Type-II (UC-II) to help with osteoarthritis may explain the body’s process of rebuilding or repairing articular cartilage. by creating collagen from food eaten But the body itself has the process of destroying articular cartilage by T-cells (T-Cell). Adding water to the tank is to get collagen to build or repair articular cartilage. Where the water in the tank is the articular cartilage, the T-cell is the tank’s leak that allows water to drain out of the tank. If the water flowing out of the tank is greater than the water added is that there is more destruction of articular cartilage The water in the tank will decrease. It is like a thinner cartilage in the joints. so getting  undenature Type-II (UC-II) is therefore to caulk the tank or reduce the destruction of articular cartilage, bringing it back to equilibrium.

Efficacy and safety of using Undenature Collagen Type-II (UC-II) in osteoarthritis

A test was conducted in 47 volunteers with knee problems taking a product containing Unde Nature Collagen Type-Two 40 mg daily, morning-evening for 4 weeks.

83%, reduced joint pain
77%, improved joint mobility
79.1%, reduced rustling in the joints
85.7%, did not need pain medication
83%, pain level as measured by pain score decreased.




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